Who We Are

Our experienced sales team along with our wide range of stocks and our liaisons with various approved and reputed manufacturers around the globe has enabled to spread our wing all over the GCC countries in a short span of time. Today we have the capability to supply approved materials to the regional oil companies such as ADNOC, SAUDI ARAMCO, KOC, KNPC, PDO and QP through their approved vendors.

Our clientele mainly comprises of Oil and Gas companies and their Contractors, Marine Engineering Companies and various other related Industrial sectors.

Our team strives hard to execute and ensure "ON TIME" commitments, which of course is the most important factor for our customers, to complete their jobs on time. Hence, extra efforts are taken to ensure that our commitments made to you are met with.

The Cutting-Edge - NAS Strength

NAS is in a unique position, strengthened by a variety of internal and external attributes. Internally, the Company enjoys effective management and a rich resources of professional skills, both managerial as well as technical. Externally, NAS reputation is consolidated and constantly built up by a vast and valuable network of national and international experts.



Corporate Role: The Business Catalyst

NAS performs the role of a facilitator between international principal and discerning clients acting in the common interests of both and striving towards mutually advantageous, “win-win” associations. The Company is specially committed to developing long terms relationships with its selected partners.
NAS leverages its well-established network at the local, regional and international leels, to constantly identify new business developments and the opportunities they offer. Our highly qualified, experienced professionals explore potential business possibilities and develop feasible project proposals.
NAS plans as a leader and performs as a partner. The Company’s pro-active, dynamic business approach has enabled it to build up a recognizable track record.
NAS offering project and maintenance material products requirement from its various subdivisions: Electrical Equipment and Systems, Instrumentation Equipment and Systems, and Mechanical & Process Equipment and System. We could say “you name it, we have it”, to indicate the diversity of our supply division products, but would limit ourselves to highlight few of the most commonly used products on any major industrial project.

Our Obligation

NAS in its position as an agent plays the role of a facilitator fully committed to capture and avail to our principals business opportunities in line with their area of expertise, proactively in the energy, oil and gas industries, and beyond wherever is possible, in Abu Dhabi, UAE or beyond wherever approachable.
NAS is committed to make our principals and clients equally successful in their business deals ensuring their full satisfaction in a winning situation.
NAS obligation is to help to develop a sustainable and mutually beneficial long term relations between the principal and clients, ever lasting.
NAS organization is geared up to fulfill our commitments and obligations towards our principals and clients by having adequate qualified and experienced personnel highly motivated to exceed the clients and principals expectations.
We believe that our relations with our principals and clients, in a sense, should work in a partnership mode to equally serve the interest of all.


Major mission critical project supplies
Long term contracts with government entities demanding just in time or call off requirements to be delivered in extremely short spans of time
Sourcing and supplying for highly time critical project requirements
Provision of reliable Valve refurbishment services to highly reputed government utility in UAE



NAS vision is to be an industry leader in manufacturing and supply of high quality products in the oil and gas industry with benchmark in quality of stock of base materials and contribute to sustainable development with a highly trained team of experienced professionals. We will accomplish this through our core competencies, commitment to excellence and high value to customer satisfaction and retention.


NAS strategic intent is to be the leading manufacturer, OEM and sourcing specialist of forged steel fittings, flanges and pipes designated to the oil, gas and power industry that builds value for its customers through quality, pricing and satisfaction. Our goal is to combine our experience and technical knowledge to improve and strive to be the preferred vendor to our clients. We will help our customer achieve economic success and financial security by building relationship based on trust and integrity. NAS will also build a dedicated and talented workforce where our employees can learn, prosper and make our company stronger.

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